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Visions and Values

Vision and Values

At Hillside we believe in developing and nurturing the children to become ‘the best version of themselves’. We aim to achieve this through our curriculum offer (curriculum principles) and our Hillside Habits.

Our curriculum aims for children to be offered a wide range of opportunities to develop their wider understanding of the word and broaden their horizons. At Hillside, we believe that for children to be successful, they need to be given opportunities to develop different communication strategies.


Our school ethos is formed around three habits (Hillside Habits). We want children to be kind to others and develop and understanding of empathy. We want them to be ready to learn and we want them to be wise with the choices they make. Being at Hillside is about learning and supporting the children to make wise choices that will develop a strong moral compass and enable them to become positive citizens of the future.


Our 8 values are woven through our curriculum and habits to develop the character of our children.

(Creativity  Pride  Responsibility  Confidence  Perseverance  Teamwork  Aspiration  Enjoyment)



Curriculum Principles                                                              Hillside Habits

Broadening horizons                                                               Be kind

Values driven                                                                            Be ready

Communication opportunities                                               Be wise

Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence