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Children are exposed to high quality, age-appropriate texts throughout their time at Hillside. As much as possible, we aim to link our texts to the current curriculum enquiry to allow children to apply prior knowledge and deepen their understanding in that area. Our texts are also chosen based on the richness of learning they bring to our specific reading skills. Throughout school, we aim to cover a wide variety of authors, genres and topics to widen our children’s cultural capital.

In KS1 we follow the RWI scheme to deliver the phonics learning.  Once children are off program, we use the FFT comprehension Framework to support our delivery of the reading curriculum.



Through our immersive curriculum, children at Hillside experience writing woven through their enquiries. This engages children, gives their writing a purpose and allows for a wide variety of text types and knowledge-use.

Through use of the genre progression document and the grammar and punctuation progression document, staff are aware of what specific skills need to be taught in their year group to ensure that progression is evident, and children are being challenged appropriately.



We follow Maths No Problem from Year 1 to year to ensure progressive coverage of the National Curriculum.  Alongside this we also have our own 10 in 10 arithmetic to ensure that children continually practice the arithmetic skills they have been learning and become more fluent in this aspect.  

Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence