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School Logo

Welcome to

Hillside Primary

and Nursery School

Contact Details

Meet the Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs Richardson

Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Head

Miss Taylor

Assistant Head

Miss Hamilton


Mrs Ward

Office Team

Business Manager

Mr O'Brien

Office Administrator

Miss Stapleton

Admin Assistant

Mrs Green

Teaching Team
Early Years


Mrs Moore - Teacher

Miss Kerr - Teacher

Mrs Kennedy - TA

Mrs Cairns - TA





Miss Finch - Teacher

Miss Houseman - Teacher

Mrs Bown - TA

Mrs Miszler - TA

Mrs Davy - Care Assistant



Year 1

Mrs McFadyean - Teacher

Miss Meakin - Teacher

Mrs Eley - TA

Mrs Stamper - TA

Mrs Gillett - TA

Mrs Davy - Care Assistant


Year 2

Mrs Morning - Teacher

Mr Gorton - Teacher

Miss Chadwick - TA

Mrs Robley - Care Assistant

Year 3

Miss Hackett - Teacher

Miss Cook - Teacher

Mrs Green - TA


Year 4

Mr Jackson - Teacher

Mr MacPearson - Teacher

Miss Mills - TA

Mr Christie - TA





Year 5

Miss McCormick - Teacher

Miss Dyal -Teacher

Mrs Ward - Teacher

Mrs Witts - TA

Mr Burrows - TA

Miss Hathersmith - TA



Year 6

Mr Tyler - Teacher

Miss Patterson - Teacher

Miss Taylor - Teacher

Miss Lawrence - TA

Mrs Smith-Perkins - TA

Mrs Muzeja - TA



Support Team

Family Support Workers

Miss Stringfellow

Mrs Leal


Mr Davis


Sports Coach

Mr McGrory


Maths Specialist

Mr Isherwood


Site Team

Mr Stevens Site Manager












Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Rossindell (Senior MDSA)

Mrs Ash

Miss Boot

Mrs Bailey

Mrs Draycott

Miss Pearl

Mrs Hunt

Miss Hurrell

Mrs Price



Mrs Chamberlain

Miss Preston

Mrs Rowlett

Miss Ward

Mrs Brown

Mrs Sears

Mrs Massheder



Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence