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Sports News

Girls Football

On Tuesday, we set off to play Broomhill. The girls who played were Daisy, Amber, Isabelle M, Isabelle W, Grace, Nicola, Cassia, Lily, Ashleigh and Chloe. We got there and unluckily for us, the pitch was on a bit of a slope. For the first half we were going uphill, which made it harder to score. The players on the other team were big and strong but that didn’t bother us! The whistle blew and the game started. We were playing two halves, 20 minutes each. They scored early on and we had to get a move on. Next, one of us accidentally fouled one of their players. The whistle blew. It was a free kick! Their number 9 shot, but Daisy saved it. The ball bounced out and one of their players poked it in and scored. It was 2-0 – but not for long. Amber had a chance to score and she did! 2-1! After that, Cassia scored our second! Just then, the whistle blew for half time. In the second half, we were going downhill, which made it easier. It was near to the end of the game when Cassia scored again! We had won, the score was 3-2 to us.

By Chloe and Amber

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