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Sports Fixtures

Sports Fixtures


Date Venue Event
5.11.19 Holgate 3.45-5.30pm Y3/4 Sportshall
20.11.19 Holgate 3.45-5.30pm Y5/6 Sportshall
9.1.20 Holgate 4.00-5.30pm Year 4/5 Girls Basketball
28.1.20 Holgate 4.00-5.30pm Year 5/6 Rowing
11.2.20 Hillside Girls Football
13.2.20 Selston High School 4.00-5.30pm Year 5/6 Table Tennis A Team
26.2.20 National 4.00-5.30pm Year 5/6 Table Tennis Band C
12.2.20 TBA 1-2.30pm Year 4/5 Change for Life
25.2.20 Holgate 4.00-5.30pm Year 3/4 Futsal
3.3.20 West Park Girls Football
4.3.20 Selston Leisure 1.30-3.00pm KS2 Boccia
9.3.20 Hillside Boys Football
17.3.20 Hillside 1.30-3.00pm KS2 Boccia
24.3.20 National Primary 1.30-3.00pm KS2 Boccia
18.3.20 Hucknall TBA 4.00-5.30pm Year 5/6 Basketball
1.4.20 National 4.00-5.30pm KS1 Sportshall Athletics
28.4.20 TBA Girls Football Competition
7.5.20 TBA Year 3/4 Football Competition
21.5.20 TBA Year 5 Football Competition


Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence