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Sporting News

On Thursday, the girl’s football team played a match against the girls from Morven Park. We took a young team, consisting of mostly year 4’s and 5’s, and played in some fairly challenging conditions. The whole team were absolutely brilliant throughout, demonstrating amazing teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience. Chloe Hayward and Ashleigh Houston wrote a report of the game:

After school, the girls football team (us, Cassia, Chloe L, Nicola, Isabelle M, Daisy, Lily and Eloise) went to Morven Park to play a game. When we got there, it was wet, damp and muddy, which wasn’t good for us. All the girls we were playing against were year 6’s but we didn’t mind. The first goal went to Morven Park. Next, Cassia had an amazing shot and managed to score. We were all cheering, but then Morven Park scored two more to make it 3-1 at half time.

In the second half, Cassia scored a banger of a goal to make it 3-2 to them and Daisy, our goalkeeper, made some amazing saves. Unfortunately, they scored two more in the second half. At the end of the match, it was 5-2 to them. We shook hands and said well done. Mr Tyler was so proud and gave us some biscuits. We all went home and we were happy with what we achieved. Thank you for reading our report.

By Chloe and Ashleigh


Sporting News


When we went rowing on Tuesday night, I really enjoyed it and we competed at a school called Kirkby and we came 7th. We worked as a big team because if we fell off the seat one of our team members would push us back on. When we got on, we needed our feet strapping in. Everyone cheered each other on and that made us feel really happy.

Written By Ruby Berrill




Sporting News

On Wednesday 23rd a group of Year 5 and 6 took part in the district Futsal finals. We were the first team to play and lost 4-0 to Linby. Next it was Annesley Vs Morven Park and Morven won 1-0. Then it was us and although I scored 1 goal, we lost 1-2. Then Annesley and Linby played. Annesley won 2-1. Then Linby and Morven Park. Linby won 2-1. Then we played back to back games. Annesley first and they won 3-0. Then it was Linby. I made a brilliant save but they won 3-0. Annesley and Morven Park drew 3-3. On the last game, we lost 2-1 and I scored the goal. We placed fourth of 20 teams and I was made man of the match.

Written by Rhys Harwood

Girls Basketball: The girls came second in the Hucknall play offs. They have been successful in reaching the district finals on the 12th February. Congratulations to all those who played.


Futsal Sports Competition

On Monday 14th January we played in a football tournament. We did it at Holgate Secondary school. We played in the Barn. Also, we came joint second with Holgate Primary. In last place came Leen Mills, in 3rd place came National and in first place came Linby. We scored 3 goals altogether. I scored 2 of them and Logan Bentley scored one goal. It was great to come second. Mrs Hathersmith was so proud. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was amazing.


Written by Rhys Harwood (Y6 Tigers)


In addition, the children have qualified for the district finals- a great achievement. Well done!


Sporting News

Indoor athletics

Tuesday saw an exciting spectacle with the year 4 indoor athletics competition. The children were superb and competed in different athletic events. They showed fantastic teamwork and supported each other throughout the evening. Mimi- Jo fell in one race, picked herself up and continued with true grit and perseverance. She came back to win the race! Other highlights include Finley winning the chest press, Cassia winning the triple jump, Daisy and Lily winning the chest push and everyone for winning 9 out of the 12 races. They finished an incredible second overall and are hoping (fingers crossed) that it is enough to go through to the district finals.


Sporting news

Girls Football

The girls were absolutely phenomenal during a tournament at Leen Mills on Tuesday. We had three year 5’s and six year 4’s on our team and most of the other teams were made up of year 6’s. The girls drew 2 games out of 4 and Isabelle Morrison scored a wonderful goal after some great play by Cassia against Croft in a 1-1 draw. Isabelle Whitworth was in goal for the first time and overcame nerves to put in some brilliant performances. All of the girls showed outstanding sportsmanship throughout and displayed all our Hillside values, teamwork in particular. Miss McCormick and I are incredibly proud!