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Hillside Primary

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Sports Fixtures

    Sports Fixtures


Date Venue Event
7.5.19 National Academy

Y5/6 Quicksticks Hockey 4-5.30pm

20.5.19 National Academy

Y5/6 Lacrosse 4-5.30pm

11.6.19 Holgate Y3/4 Mini Tennis 4-5.30pm
12.6.19 Selston Leisure Centre Y3/4 Mini Tennis 4-5.30pm
18.6.19 Hillside Primary Y5/6 Tri-golf 4-5.30pm
1.7.19 Sutton Community Academy Y3/4 Handball 4-5.30pm
2.7.19 National Academy KS1 Quad Kids Athletics 11am -12.30
9.7.19 Ashfield Y4/5 Ultimate Frisbee 4-5.30pm
16.7.19 National Academy Y3/4 Tri-golf 11am -12.30


Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence