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School Council

At Hillside, we have a whole school approach to our school council. On a Thursday morning at 9.05am all children in school go to their school council groups. These group are mixed age and led by children in year 6. During our meetings the children discuss a big question, talk about any issues that they may have, discuss anything they are looking forward to and make suggestions for upcoming events and opportunities. The year 6 leaders then have a meeting on a fortnightly basis in which they discuss matters that have been brought up within their group meetings.

We feel that by involving ALL children in school council it;

  • Supports children from different year groups in building relationships with each other.

  • Creates an environment where children look out for each other and have peers to go to when they have a problem

  • Provides the opportunity for ALL children to have a voice, share their opinions and express their feelings.

  • It encourages children to develop the confidence to talk to different children outside of their own class.

  • Promotes and ethos of Respecting others ideas and opinions


When asked, the Year 6 leaders felt that this way of running school council was great due to the following reasons:

  • Allows us to share ideas

  • We can express our feelings

  • Helps us to be more confident to talk to other people

  • Helps us to listen carefully to other people

  • Encourages us to respect other people’s ideas

  • Provides the opportunity for all children at Hillside to have a voice and an opinion

Partnership Motto

Growing a culture of being the best version of ourselves Look back with pride and forward with confidence