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Year 2 Rhino Words

I am the Resilient Rhino!

When I learn my red words I keep trying and never give up!

The following booklet contains tricky words (we call them red words) for your child to learn at home. These words are tricky because they cannot be sounded out and must be learnt by sight. You will find that these words appear in your child’s reading books frequently and if they can’t recognise them, their reading pace is slowed.


Once your child can read all of the red words on each rhino they can put their booklet in the Red Word box in their classroom. Their teacher will check it, tick it and add in the next rhino. Pink dots next to the words means they need more practice. Please continue to review all the words, even after they have been ticked.


It would be great if you could support your child at home by practising these regularly. The more they practice, the more they will enjoy their reading! If you have any questions about this booklet or how you can support your child at home please don’t hesitate to ask.

Rhino’s Top Tips:

· Look at the word, say it, cover it up, write it out, check it!


· Show the words in different orders


· Look for these words in story books or reading books


· Make flash cards and play a snap game


· Make the words in magnetic letters on the fridge door