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Year 1: 2014-2015

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2.7.15 The Titanic!

This week we are learning about the Titanic

and doing some role play to learn how people

may have felt during and after the disaster.

Well done to all the Year 1 children who took their phonics test last week.  We are so proud of you all.  smiley

Our Summer 2 Topic is called....

Why not visit the library this holiday.  Can you find any books about fish and other animals that live under the sea?


1.6.15 Water WOW Day!

We have had a water WOW day today where we learned all about sea creatures, danced like the ocean waves and made sea creature biscuits!


Keep practising your letter sounds at home.  Why don't you try some of these games?  Click on the links below!



Deep Sea Phonics


Buried Treasure


Picnic on Pluto


This week we have watched 'Madagascar'

and have been learning all about the animals in the film.

Our Carnivore WOW Day!

The Crocodiles all dressed up as Carnivores. Look at our fantastic costumes!

Final wow day video.wmv

Still image for this video

We went on a carnivore hunt!

Here are the Crocodiles with their new reading buddies!


Our Summer 1 Topic is....


Let's go to the Movies!


We will be watching films about animals and humans then we will find out all about them! We will be watching...



We will be learning about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores!


We have been making cakes and decorations for Easter time!

25.3.15 Bestwood Country Park

This week we went on a visit to Bestwood Country Park

to do lots of exciting activities based around our topic

'Beatrix Potter'.



This week we have been doing Peter Rabbit Challenges.  We have been  listening to the story of Peter Rabbit. 

We have started to grow carrot tops for Peter Rabbit. We are watching them to see if they grow.

We have been looking at all the different materials in Mr McGregor’s garden.  We saw wooden tools, glass used in the greenhouse, bricks and stone in his house

and terracotta to make all the plant pots. 


This week we are learning all about Mrs Tiggy-Winkle.  She had a laundry and used to look after all the animals clothes.  We will be finding out all about fabric this week and its properties.



This week we are looking at the properties of water

and doing experiments to see what might happen to

Jeremy Fisher’s pond in different temperatures.

26.2.15 Spring 2

Our new Topic is

'Beatrix Potter'

We will be finding out all about Beatrix Potter

and the books she wrote.

We will be talking about materials in Science.

How many different materials can you spot in your house?

5.1.15 Spring Term

This half term our Topic is all about

'Robin Hood'.



This year we looked at ‘Smartie the Penguin’ and learned rules for staying safe on the internet. We then painted penguins to help us remember the rules.


Still image for this video


We are learning about the Sheriff of Nottingham

and how to build a castle.


This week we had a medieval banquet and learned all about how people lived in Robin Hood's time. We drank grape juice, baked oat biscuits and designed a medieval table mat. 


Also Indi P has got two certificates for her rhino words – silver and gold!!



We have painted fantastic pictures of Robin Hood this week!

On Friday we will be using the ipads for the first time

and we are very excited!

15.1.15 Robin Hood

Last week we painted pictures of animals and trees

for our new Robin Hood display.

This week we are doing science experiments to find out

what plants need to grow.

17.12.14 Santa came to visit the Crocodiles!

17.12.14 Santa came to visit the Crocodiles! 1
17.12.14 Santa came to visit the Crocodiles! 2
17.12.14 Santa came to visit the Crocodiles! 3


Some of the children have achieved their Red Rhino Words certificates!


Jacob S, Kasey P, Megan O, Oliver A, Eva N, Chloe W, Ruby B, Darius V, Zachary A, Hayden and Mya M have all achieved their Bronze certificate.

Ashley and Darius received a silver certificate.

Rhys P, Amber W, Chloe H, Isla W and Emily J have all achieved their Platinum certificate.


This is what they can be awarded:

Bronze – when children learn their first 5 sets of red words

Silver – 10 sets

Gold – 15 sets

Platinum – 20 sets

Diamond – Spell all 20 red words correctly


We are practising our Christmas play

and making our Christmas cards and calendars!


We have been learning about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire.

We are doing lots of writing and sequencing events

of the Great Fire on a timeline.


We have been painting pictures of houses and rats

for a Fire of London display.


This week is Poppy week so we are making lots of Poppies

using different techniques!

We are also having a special '100' maths day

to mark 100 years since the First world war.


We are learning all about the Great Fire of London and comparing London in 1666 to London now.


We have been making items for our Harvest display.



This week we have been learning about Wales.

We can name the seas around the UK and know that Wales is next to the Irish Sea.

We have learnt that the symbol of Wales is the red, Welsh dragon. 


Keep reading as much as you can at home. Have you been to the library recently?  

Can you find any non fiction books about the 4 countries in the UK?  

Have you completed your reading challenge yet?  Bring it into school as soon as you have. 

October 2014 Year 1 P.E

Gymnastics, year 1's Recorded their own session.


We are learning about the countries of the UK.

We have been talking about Scotland and have made our own

Loch Ness monsters with clay (pictures to follow).

In Maths we have been learning about shapes.


We held our first Numeracy Café yesterday. Click on the link below to see the photos.



We are learning all about Scotland this week!

Andy Murray, Loch Ness and tartan! We will be making the Loch Ness monster out of clay!


We are visiting different places in the UK to learn about geographical features like cliffs, beaches, cities, lakes, hills etc. We are doing lots of writing, painting and creative making!


Today we flew on our magic carpet around the 4 countries

of the UK and did activities relating to each, collaging the flags

and famous symbols and food tasting!


This term we will be flying around the British Isles

on a Magic Carpet, food tasting

and learning about the different seas and countries!

There is a great website to support our phonics practise. 

If you have a computer at home why not go on.......

The short films are very funny.  I hope you enjoy them.  Watch the phase 5 and 6 films.