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Nursery: 2014-2015

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This week we have been looking at the colour blue, letter ‘f’ and number ‘2’.  Our story has been Barry the fish with fingers.  We talked about all the things we can do with our fingers.  We used paints and chalks to mix and blend different shades of blue and to paint Barry.  We have been learning what ‘more’ means, we cooked and tasted fish fingers and tried different dips (ketchup and mayonnaise) to see which more people liked.  Each group  made a bar chart showing the results.  We have been making up stories about under the sea and our fish and chip shop has been very busy – even though we had a visit from the health inspectors after food was found on the floor!!


This week we have started our new topic ‘Under the Sea’.  We have been talking about visits to the seaside, what we enjoy about the seaside and how the seaside is different to Hucknall.  We talked about things we know about under the sea and things we wanted to find out.  We have made a giant octopus and hung it in nursery with our knowledge and questions.  We opened our fish and chip shop ‘Barry Ramsdens’ and have been busy serving customers, waiting on tables and frying fish and chips.  We have practised writing our names and writing about visits to the beach.  We enjoyed making a mini beach outside and took off our shoes and socks to tiptoe, squish and paddle through trays of dry sand, very wet sand and water.  We all tried hard to take off and put on our own shoes and socks.  Our letter this week was ‘s’, our colour yellow and number was ‘1’.

Next week we are looking forward to a water wow day on Friday and are hoping for sunny weather!!

27.4.15 Summer Term

This half term our topic is Mary, Mary quite contrary. 

We are learning about things that live and grow in our gardens. 

We named things that we have in our gardens and talked about colours. 

We practiced the letter sound ‘r’, colour red and number ‘7’. 

We sang the rainbow song and learnt signs for different colours. 

We all planted cress onto cotton wool and are watering it every day and we are waiting for it to grow so that we can make some sandwiches.

Friday next week is our maths wow day. 

We are spending a whole day doing fun maths activities


This week we have been learning the letter sound ‘j’, the colour orange and the number 9.  We have been reading the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have used puppets to retell the story.  We made beanstalks using hand and foot prints and wrote about what we would like to find at the top of a beanstalk in our garden.  We have been learning to use vocabulary ‘tall’ and ‘short’ and found things that were taller and shorter than the giant.  Some of the beans we planted are starting to grow and we have been watching our caterpillars very carefully.  On Wednesday they started to spin cocoons and are now all in their cocoons.  In two weeks we are hoping to have our butterflies.

8.1.15 Spring Term

Welcome back and welcome to our new children!

This half term our topic is ‘Old McDonald had a farm’.  We will be learning about farms, the work that farmers do, animals, crops and food and naming animals and their young.  We are singing Old McDonald had a farm this week.

This week we have lots of new children starting nursery and we are learning to make new friends, share and play games in nursery.

Our colour this week is green, our number is ‘5’ and our letter sound is ‘n’. 

For homework we are asking children to look at home for something that begins with a ‘n’ sound to bring to nursery to talk about.  Also to count up to 5 on our fingers.

Have a look at what we will be learning:


This week we have been learning  about doctors and nurses and how they help us.  We talked about our experiences of going to the doctors and read stories about doctors and visits to hospital.  We had a visit from the school nurses who talked to us about their job and they showed us how they check children’s height and weight and how they check to make sure we can see and hear properly. We talked about keeping healthy by exercising and have done some exercises outside and practiced running, jumping, hopping, crawling, climbing and balancing. Our number this week, was 5, letter ‘h’ and colour purple.


We have been leaning about dentists and opticians and how they help us to look after our eyes and teeth.  We talked about keeping healthy and healthy foods.  We sorted healthy and not healthy foods and had a visit from a dentist who showed us her dentist puppet, big teeth and uniform and read us a story.  Our letter of the week was ‘l’, colour black  and number 4.


This week we have been learning the letter ‘e’, colour blue and number 2.  We have been on a walk around school and talked about features of our environment.  We have been learning about police officers and the jobs they do.  We made walkie talkies from boxes, painted police car pictures and took finger prints.  We had a visit from a police lady and Pippa’s daddy came in his police uniform to talk to us.  He showed us his helmet, walkie talkie, hand cuffs, torch, leg straps and truncheon. We all got to go in his police car and empty his boot! We laid out police cones and put out a ‘police slow’ sign.


We were really impressed at all the homework the children did over the half term.  Lots of children completed a reading challenge, sharing 10 books with a grown up at home.  We had some super pictures of houses and homes and the children found out where they lived and wrote the number of their house on the door.  We looked at the numbers on the doors and talked about big numbers and small number.  We counted how many people live in our house.  Our topic this half term is people who help us and last week we spent time talking about our mums and dads and all the things they do to help us.

Our colour was green, number 1 and letter ‘b’. 

We learnt signs for mummy and daddy and practised signing the days of the week.


We’ve been learning the letter sound ‘c’, number 9 and colour white.

We have been reading non-fiction stories about the farm and a day in the life of a farmer.

We had a visit from a local farmer who talked to us about the animals she keeps on the farm, how she looks after them and her work. We asked questions and enjoyed stroking and feeding the chickens that she bought with her.


Letter of the week is ‘o’, number 8 and  colour brown.

We have been reading The Little Red Hen and baking bread. On faith day we read the story of Noah's ark and David and Goliath.  We made lots of handprints to make a rainbow and talked about promises.  We built a giant and threw balls to try and knock him down.

We have been counting objects to 10 and representing numbers on our fingers. 

We looked at and talked about the shapes of everyday objects.



  We have been busy practicing songs for the Christmas play.  We have been talking about why people celebrate Christmas and the Christmas story.

Our colour this week was blue, number 2 and letter ‘t’.  We have been blowing bubbles in blue paint and printing the patterns, making salt dough and rolling it, then cutting shapes from it and we have been painting our feet and printing them to make our reindeer Christmas cards.  We have enjoyed meeting new children who will be starting nursery after Christmas.


We’ve been learning letter sound ‘d’, colour brown and number 1.

We’ve been talking about the moon, stars and planets and read the story ‘Whatever Next’ – when baby bear made a rocket to go to the moon.

Outside we have made obstacle courses and been crawling, balancing and running.

We have started practising our songs for the Christmas play!

We have sent home a letter asking parents to bring a large white t-shirt

for the costumes for the play.

Homework this weekend – can the children talk about the sound ‘t’ and see if they can find something beginning with the ‘t’ sound to bring to nursery to talk about.


This week we have been learning about animals that are awake at night and reading the story ‘Owl Babies’.  We have been comparing the size of different owls and learning to use mathematical words ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’.  The children made cheese straws on Monday and love reading with Ruby. We have started practising our songs for the Christmas play.



A reminder, please,  to register for milk if you haven’t done already – all children are entitled to free milk but you have to register for your child to receive it!  You can do it online or we have forms in nursery (in wallet on the parent notice board).


This week is 'Nursery Rhymes' week!

Have a go at learning these rhymes:

Five Currant buns

Oranges & Lemons

Hey Diddle Diddle

Old King Cole




We have been Harvest mark-making in different

media and using blocks to build structures.


We have been building castles from a range of

construction materials.

We have been threading Cheerios onto pipe cleaner trees and we signed as we listened to key texts including the Gingerbread Man.


This week we will be baking flapjacks and learning

about shapes and colours.

We are going to play ring games outside and also learn about our feelings, what makes us happy and sad.


We have been looking for shapes in the outside area. We have been making patterns in sand and baking chocolate chip cookies.


We have been looking at ourselves as babies,

how we've changed and what we can do now.


Welcome to all those children who have joined our

Nursery this term!

We are learning all our classroom rules and routines

and making friends.

Our first Topic will be Marvellous Me where we will learn all about things we can do as a baby and how we have changed,

and all about our families.

We'll be adding some photos of our new starters soon

so keep looking!