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Investors in Pupils

Accreditation Letter 2014

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Displays around School

Hillside achieved the Investors in Pupils award in March 2011 and have achieved it once again in 2014. The assessor met with some parents and governors, had a tour around school, spoke to a selection of children from all year groups, and staff to find out what investors meant to them. She also attended the School Council meeting. She looked to see how we had introduced and embedded ‘Investors in Pupils’ within school, and what impact it has had on Behaviour, Learning, Attendance, Classroom Management and Induction.
Thank you to everyone that helped to achieve this award and CONGRATULATIONS!
Investors in children helps pupils to find out why they go to school, about the jobs of everyone in school and how each person is involved in their education. It supports the children in making rules for their class, setting targets for themselves for good behaviour and attendance. It teaches them the importance of relationships, teamwork and the value of roles and responsibilities.
You can see evidence of our ‘Investors’ work around school. Look out for the Logo! Hopefully as a result of our work we should see the children gaining in greater confidence, motivation and enjoyment in their learning.


The Five Areas of Investors in Pupils
'Investors' is about children taking control of their learning. They find out about the resources in school, including people who support them, and they develop an awareness of their own role. They work on their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. A lot of the work takes place in assemblies and PHSCE. There are displays in every classroom and throughout the school to help us to keep focused.
We believe that taking part in the programme helps our children achieve high standards in their education and equips them with important life skills.
The five areas of Investors in Pupils
With the help of their teachers, the children set new targets for their learning each half term. Their classroom display shows them the progress they are all making and how this contributes to the class reaching its goals.
The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around the school. They work together to make the school pleasant for all involved.
Classroom Management
A target relating to the routines and organisation of their classroom is decided each half term through discussions between the children and their teachers. The children are encouraged to play their part in making the classroom a pleasant and safe place in which to work.
The children are aware that good attendance means good achievement. Each class has a percentage attendance target to reach each half term. The aim is 100%!
At Hillside we pride ourselves on being a welcoming place to visit, and on providing a secure environment for all. The children set targets for looking after new people in school, whether they are staff or children.